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Kurantis is actively engaged in commercial and business development services aimed at the pharmaceutical industry. We have extensive experience in establishing life science products in the Nordic markets ranging from Rx & OTC products to medical devices in both the hospital and retail pharmacy sectors.​

The Nordic Pharma Market
The Nordic Pharma Market

The Nordic market may seem complex and fragmented.


5 unique and diverse markets, 5 individual healthcare systems, 5 different languages and only 27 million people in total.

Allow us to handle this challenge for you.




Healthcare Systems


Million People




Sales & Marketing

Market Intelligence & Analysis

Pricing & Market Access

Business Development

Partnerships & Alliances

Company & Product Sourcing


Business Support

Operations & Supply Chain

Administration & Finance

Virtual & Shared Services

Services Outlined


We bring a unique 360-degree perspective to our complete and comprehensive range of commercial and marketing services. Let us deliver effective solutions for every phase of your product lifecycle.

Business Support

Whilst looping in with HQ, Kurantis can manage your day-to-day administrative, financial, logistics and supply chain tasks and be your local representative office in a virtual setup.

Business Development

Helping you to grow and expand your business in the Nordics is part of the Kurantis DNA. Therefore we proudly perform individualised business development activities that fit to your expectations and specific requirements.

Why Kurantis?

Why Kurantis?

By staying nimble, collaborative and efficient, Kurantis provides a smooth and easy access to the Nordic markets. We do this by simplifying our client’s management of Nordic day-to-day business and by enabling the ability to react swiftly to local market needs and trends.

Each solution is tailored individually to the needs of our business partners, as we simply do not believe that one size fits all. By navigating in an environment where open minds think alike, creating the ideal solution is what makes us tick.


" If the challenge exists, so must the solution "
Rona Mlnarik, Business Coach

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2000 Frederiksberg


Phone   +45 26 52 42 88



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